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What Our Customers Say

Sujit NairSujit Nair
16:54 01 Jul 24
Malou Agawa-ManalotoMalou Agawa-Manaloto
15:20 01 Jul 24
Krishna It’s very fast and helpful
Carla CbjrCarla Cbjr
14:12 01 Jul 24
Im using breez air purifier and i really like the fresh air coming from the purifier
Bashar AlahmadBashar Alahmad
13:01 01 Jul 24
Amazinng service
Khaled AlansariKhaled Alansari
15:25 30 Jun 24
Good quality products and knowledgable staff
vanene calinogvanene calinog
18:20 20 Jun 24
Amazing Product
Suaib AdjilaniSuaib Adjilani
16:25 20 Jun 24
Rodener DelenRodener Delen
15:50 20 Jun 24
Good product
Farzana rehmanFarzana rehman
15:36 20 Jun 24
Muhsin MusiMuhsin Musi
14:58 20 Jun 24
Blu ionic shower filter prestige product as well the benefits. Enhance the layer of the skin giving the glow and smoothness. Very effective most recommend to those suffering in skin allergies. Mine is totally gone and enjoying the rays of the sun this summer. Thankyou blu family mostly the staff who share the information about your product. Much appreciated
Abdul WajidAbdul Wajid
12:25 20 Jun 24
The Blu Ionic Purifier is very useful specially now the weather is not that so good. It refresh me every time I go home. Having this in my cozy place is fantastic aside from it gives relaxing feeling. The aromas smells so sweet.
Sou HayelSou Hayel
12:16 20 Jun 24
Blu ionic shower filter is a must try. My skin get smooth and healthy. Above all the product I used in my hair loss problem. This is beyond expectation results. Thank you to the staff very recommended
analie agudesanalie agudes
12:12 20 Jun 24
My experience in using Blu ionic shower filter is very good. Its benefits really help my skin to achieve smooth and healthy. Recommended to all my family and friends.
Jennifer LardizabalJennifer Lardizabal
16:56 01 Jun 24
Sharing my Feedback its Rejuvenate for my dry skin , and hair loss Blu Shower Head Filter it gives me A healthier skin and Shiner Hair and No Hairfall After I Used it. Its so nice it helps me and boost of my Confidence. I highly recommended this product from my Friends. thankyou Blu Shower Head Filter.
Raffy TamayoRaffy Tamayo
11:04 01 Jun 24
You product is great and highly recommended. My baby's hair is now softer.
Thanks to this Blu Shower Head FilterWhen I buy this product I can go Bath without any worries about skin irritation.
09:51 01 Jun 24
It helps prevents my hair loss. I have good shower experience on this
Vicente gimena CaniteVicente gimena Canite
10:30 31 May 24
Its been a while were using blu shower filter when my sister bought it and i like the water pressure it makes my skin soft day by day while using it
Muhsin KamalMuhsin Kamal
17:02 23 May 24
This product is very effective it’s really help’s me to my hair loss and dryness of my skin I used already for 6 months
16:48 23 May 24
Sharing my feedback after using Blu Ionic Shower Filter. This outstanding product that effective in giving a smooth skin after use is so worthy to buy. I already recommend it to my friends. Now we are having a smooth and very nice skin.
Jimmy LastrolloJimmy Lastrollo
15:55 23 May 24
Sensitive skin here! But thanks to this Blu Ionic Shower Filter helps me to get rid of my itchy and dry skin. Very useful and effective product. Recommended to my family and friends.
Madison ChidimagarMadison Chidimagar
15:50 23 May 24
Nice product.
Abhishek RanaAbhishek Rana
15:28 23 May 24
Good and useful product. Blu ionic shower filter is good for the hair.
fhey floresfhey flores
15:17 23 May 24
Blu Ionic Shower Filter is the most necessity once you live in a country that has alot of bacteria found in the water. This product offers a very good effect after using. Been using this for almost a year and I am so impressed how it change my irritated skin to smooth and free itch skin. Add up to that my hair fall was lessen. Hoping more people can reach this product most specially to those who is suffering for dry and itchy skin. Most recommended to all. Friends , colleagues and Family.
bashar masribashar masri
16:08 22 May 24
The product is spectacular exceeds my expectations. Now me and my family is enjoying our bath. Thank you Blu Ionic Shower Filter mostly recommended
John Amiel QuijanoJohn Amiel Quijano
07:23 13 May 24
i bought shower filter 2 weeks ago. and I can say that highly recommended. thank you to this product
Jelly BacarraJelly Bacarra
15:35 12 May 24
It's really helps me to prevent my hair loss and my skin now become smother. Thank you to blu shower filter
Nick MwauraNick Mwaura
15:20 11 May 24
I used this Blu shower filter. And it's amazing i recommend Also to my friends
00:00 11 May 24
Joana RuizJoana Ruiz
13:51 10 May 24
This is really a fantastic product. I am really satisfied on how it works. It really helped to reduce my hairfall. I am a satisfied customer.
Jessa AlbitosJessa Albitos
07:02 09 May 24
From dull to dazzling! The Blu Ionic Shower Filter is a miracle worker. It's like stepping into a spa every time I shower. My skin feels refreshed, my hair shines—it's a total transformation. Installation was a breeze, and the sleek design adds a touch of elegance to my bathroom. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to five-star luxury with this incredible filter!
Ahmed SealitiAhmed Sealiti
10:44 08 May 24
Blu Ionic Breeze air purifier is a total game-changer! It's like having a breath of fresh air in a sleek, stylish package. Say goodbye to dust, allergens, and odors with its powerful purification, all while enjoying the peace and quiet. Trust me, it's worth every star - a solid 5!
Mark FesalbonMark Fesalbon
10:13 08 May 24
I was thoroughly impressed and immensely content with this product, it's incredibly useful. It provides us with immense satisfaction, and I'm confident it will garner high demand in the market. We'll certainly be making another purchase. A delighted customer indeed!
Safik AnsariSafik Ansari
16:56 22 Apr 24
best shower filter in qatar highly recommended to those who have problem in hair loss and dry skin. Very effective
Imad OuaaballaImad Ouaaballa
11:06 21 Apr 24
I used breez Air purifier in my car and I have also in my house it’s really relaxing and calming my favorite scents is the eucalyptus and lavender
Ruffa Mae AlbaRuffa Mae Alba
00:33 21 Apr 24
Blu shower Filter is fantastic! Easy setup, noticeable results. Skin and hair feel amazing. Big thumbs up!
Maui CoronacionMaui Coronacion
15:33 20 Apr 24
Blu Ionic Filter is a must-have! Simple installation, incredible results. My skin feels rejuvenated, and my hair is shinier than ever. I've trusted Blu for a year now, and it never disappoints!
Christian CoronacionChristian Coronacion
06:34 19 Apr 24
Blu Ionic Shower Filter is simple to install and provides outstanding results. It improves water quality, leaving your skin and hair feeling revitalized after every shower. A must-have for anyone looking for an easy way to upgrade their shower experience."
Shane RapsingShane Rapsing
06:32 19 Apr 24
Blu Ionic Shower Filter is a game-changer! Easy to install, it leaves my skin softer and hair shinier. The staff is fantastic too—knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended for a better shower experience!"
Ashley IbabiosaAshley Ibabiosa
12:38 18 Apr 24
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The Blu Ionic Air Purifier is amazing! It's quiet, sleek, and works wonders. My home feels fresher and cleaner since I started using it. Definitely worth every penny!"
13:56 13 Apr 24
It's a very good product.
Jenet SalalimaJenet Salalima
13:50 13 Apr 24
Hi just bought lastweek your shower and i can say that this product is highly recomended. thank you blu shower qatar. good job team. staffs are also approachable. 🙂
Aj MalAj Mal
13:43 13 Apr 24
The Blu shower filter is really good. Effective in reducing hair loss and i got smooth skin also. Recommended for friends and family. Kuddos to the blu shower filter qatar
Mariel VillanuevaMariel Villanueva
11:46 08 Apr 24
Blu Shower has not only elevated my shower experience but has also noticeably reduced my hair fall. With its gentle water flow and adjustable settings, I've seen a significant improvement in the health of my hair. Plus, the eco-friendly design aligns perfectly with my values. Five stars for healthier hair and a better shower!"
Melo AlvaMelo Alva
11:01 07 Apr 24
I really love this product, it makes my bath more easier, try it to believe it.
shelamie Lambonganshelamie Lambongan
09:19 07 Apr 24
This very amazing product it lessen my hair fall.❤️❤️❤️
Memon Noor IllahiMemon Noor Illahi
16:18 03 Apr 24
Yyyoussef AlsulaitiYyyoussef Alsulaiti
15:45 03 Apr 24
I loved this product since 2021 I used Breez Air Purifier in my house And the Small breez in my car.I recommend this in my Friends
Nadish NachuNadish Nachu
14:25 03 Apr 24
It’s really good one which I have ever used for my dandruff treatment. I was so difficult to control the chlorin water . Now it’s the big solution for this.
muhammed swalihmuhammed swalih
17:15 02 Apr 24
It’s good nd nice product
deth Tecsondeth Tecson
22:01 01 Apr 24
I really love this product been using this shower 5 years ago since I moved to Qatar. Good job!!
Rustica camintoyRustica camintoy
21:54 01 Apr 24
This shower is quite amazing. This very effective most especially to me I have sensitive skin.
sherin sufaidsherin sufaid
14:17 01 Apr 24
This product is good to my skin it becomes more smothered and helps me to my hair loss I bought again. And recommend to my friends
Maelody CanlasMaelody Canlas
14:10 01 Apr 24
I have been using the blu shower filter for a long time and it helps me to smother my skin,I recommended it to my friend and they also bought it. I realy love it. highly recommended.
Desiree SoloDesiree Solo
12:46 01 Apr 24
The Blu Shower Filter delivers impressive results! It effectively removes impurities, leaving water cleaner and fresher. It's easy to install and noticeably reduces skin irritation from hard water. Highly recommend!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Erica LuchavezErica Luchavez
09:13 01 Apr 24
I adore this product so much. It significantly altered my daily life. Without a doubt, I'll tell my friends about this. Well done, I enjoyed it!
jhon joemarie riverajhon joemarie rivera
08:35 01 Apr 24
I used the blu shower filter and I have a good experience so I recommend this product to everyone most especially the one who have problems in hair loss and dry skinIved
Karla MaeKarla Mae
08:25 01 Apr 24
I used Blu Breez for 2 years and it's really helps me to better sleep I like the smell of Zesty lemon
Cecille DiwaCecille Diwa
08:24 01 Apr 24
I recommended this product it really help to prevent my hair loss and smooth skin
17:17 31 Mar 24
Great shower using it for a while now enjoying it every since
Suraj KamatiSuraj Kamati
12:10 26 Mar 24
Thanks to blu breez it gives my room fresh
Aby EvangelistaAby Evangelista
15:20 21 Mar 24
Verru effective product it helps lessen my hairfall and the water coming from the shower is very fine not too much pain in my skin. This is very reccomendable. Good job!
Jano KasthuJano Kasthu
14:22 20 Mar 24
The products is all effective. I try the purifier it cleans the air in my room. I have the blu shower filter also and it gives me smooth skin. Will recommend to my friends and family.
Anil GuptaAnil Gupta
16:22 28 Feb 24
Excellent service
Dipika GosaiDipika Gosai
13:18 28 Feb 24
15:30 27 Feb 24
The delivery was super smooth. Will use and update further
Fresh GreenFresh Green
16:37 26 Feb 24
Excellent service provider
aizel doctoraizel doctor
15:36 26 Feb 24
were using the blu purifier for weeks and we like the smells it really removes those bad smells and some molds from our home
Julieann DelarosaJulieann Delarosa
10:39 25 Feb 24
limsa salimlimsa salim
14:27 24 Feb 24
Mohamed SafrazMohamed Safraz
09:36 24 Feb 24
Lulu Pharmacy PearlLulu Pharmacy Pearl
08:28 24 Feb 24
Subash KarkiSubash Karki
23:29 22 Feb 24
Aizel MendozaAizel Mendoza
13:37 14 Feb 24
Very effective product. because of blu shower filter my skin become smooth and hairfall is not a problem anymore.
Valeria BelloValeria Bello
11:35 10 Feb 24
I got it fast and I feel different when I take shower I am taking care of my skin and my hair
16:38 04 Feb 24
The blu shower filter is best in cleaning the water. Giving me smooth skin and healthy hair. Recommended with friends and family
Arnel MagcalasArnel Magcalas
15:16 01 Feb 24
Blu shower filter is best for sensitive skin. It helps me to reduce my skin problem. Recommended to my friends and family
Arlene VelezArlene Velez
15:37 31 Jan 24
The shower Is effective and it helps to prevent my hair loss
Yuvraj GillYuvraj Gill
15:02 31 Jan 24
The shower filter is good and it helps to reduce my skin problem
Kiran Sharma AdhikariKiran Sharma Adhikari
14:05 31 Jan 24
Excellent product. My skin gets firm. Recommended for family and friends
Rosita CornelioRosita Cornelio
16:51 30 Jan 24
Thank you to this products before I have problem to my hair. But now my hair is healthy and strong. No more hair loss.
Lorenzo CagunotLorenzo Cagunot
09:00 30 Jan 24
This product is pretty amazing, it's been almost 3 years am using blu shower head filter and it's very good effect to my hair and skin...and i will continuously using....and recommended to everyone...
Michaela AsmiraldeMichaela Asmiralde
08:28 29 Jan 24
The ionic shower filter is so good and very helpful specially for my hair loss. I will recommend it to my friends and family
10:01 20 Jan 24
It’s a good product. Been using it for more than 5 years now. Helps to prevent hairloss and if you’re having problem with your skin like dryness and itchiness it helps to remove solids impurities and small dirt that coming from our shower head that causes it. You just have to clean and change the refill when its due to maintain and get the maximum benefits.
Victoria The greatVictoria The great
11:05 26 Oct 23
Been using blu air purifier a weeks ago an we’re enjoying using it especially for my 2 year old baby to avoid too dusty at home. So it was great having this purifier
Odie CruzOdie Cruz
10:24 04 Dec 22
Hi i recommend this shower filter. I don't have any idea at first about it but i just give it a try why not since nothing will lost cos i had already loss a lot of hair and my skin was too dry before.then ive found this filter and i had an interest so i try it even a bit pricey but worthy to buy .cos the pressure of water not to harsh. And i see difference after i washed my skin was little by little it became soft not dry. Amazing
Chris RegondolaChris Regondola
10:28 30 Nov 22
This product is amazing i used the both shower filter and air breeze purifier highly recommended! 😉 also good service salesman was kind! Good product..
Clara JanaClara Jana
17:01 23 Nov 22
Best recommended for everyone. Try their amazing products of Blu ionic shower filter and Blu ionic breez air purifier, it's very helpful and very safe. TRY IT NOW 👌
Richelle LorenzoRichelle Lorenzo
12:31 11 Nov 22
They have many offers and you can get it though home delivery, and great service too. They're providing replacement for broken part of your blu shower filter. They're asking only for the official receipt of purchase. Fast service and very accommodating.
Hilnuel CalambaHilnuel Calamba
17:39 09 Nov 22
Hello, Its been 3yrs Im using blu shower filter and blu Air purifier.Its good pressure water while im taking shower and it helps to prevent my hair loss and dryness of skin.blu air purifier its very useful and gave a good smell in our room. Amazing products 👏
Claire Jane BabacClaire Jane Babac
07:44 08 Nov 22
I used the Blu shower filter, and yes it's very recommended and safe for everyone. The water is very good and it helps a lot to my skin that smooth and my hair that helps for prevent my hair loss👍💯

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