blu ionic shower filter rain shower
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Ionic Shower Filter Rain Shower + Nmc Refill Cartridge

Stop hair loss & moisturize your skin! Enjoy multi-stage filtered shower water along with excellent water savings. The Ionic Shower Filter utilizes patented Micro Hydration Technology and uses hi-tech filters to efficiently eliminate up to 99% of harmful pollutant and chlorine present in your shower water.

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Get more luxurious shower and spa-like experience with blu Ionic Shower Filter Rain Shower. There’s nothing better than taking shower that feels like under the rain, expression beyond words. Experience the Sensation of Soothing Rain. With a rainfall shower head, you can make every shower a luxurious spa-like experience. Rain shower heads feature a drenching, rain-like spray for total body coverage and a refreshing feeling. It’s like taking a shower in the rain!

  • 2-Year Warranty for the Shower body & Fast Customer Service


If need Installation – Fees 30 Qar (Optional)


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