The Best Shower Filter to Prevent Hair Loss

In today’s society, hair loss has already become a hot topic of conversation. The truth is, people, do not typically consider the impact of shower water on your health and appearance. However, shower filters are now so widely used because people are more conscious of water contamination and its unfavourable effects.

Even though there are several possible causes for this hair loss problem, the most common cause is bathing in polluted or dirty water and neglecting to take care of your hair. The underlying issue is that this contamination or filth might not be evident to human sight. You believe the water is fresh as long as you can’t see any of them.


Regardless of gender, everyone is concerned about their hair. But don’t worry. Here we present the most crucial remedy for your hair loss. This post is definitely for you if you experience hair loss or dry skin as a result of chlorine or other toxins contaminating your water.

Here’s the solution to your million-dollar question.

Water itself is the major cause and cure for your hair loss. The likelihood of experiencing hair loss or thinning increases with water contamination. Additionally, as the bacteria in your shower head accumulates over time, it taints the water that emerges. As time passes, this will harm you much more.

So to deal with this effectively, the one and only solution are to use one of the best shower filters available.

So, here comes the NEXT QUESTION!

Can shower water make your hair fall out?

In simple words, the answer is YES. Every time you take a shower with chlorinated water, your pores open. Once your pores are open, chlorine can get inside of you. It gradually impairs the health of your skin and hair due to its drying effect. After each shower, dry hair gradually splits and ultimately forms clumps of fallen hair.

How can I find a good shower filter that can prevent my hair loss?

Here’s how you can find it.

While searching for one of the best shower filters available in Qatar, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Look for one that removes chlorine, specifically
  • Verify that your shower filter has passed TÜV and Eurofins safety tests
  • Read through the product description and make sure the product uses one of the cutting-edge filters to effectively remove the chlorine and dangerous pollutants that are present in your shower water by reading the product description
  • The cartridge of your chosen shower filter must have a decent lifespan
  • Millions of beneficial negative ions produced by a high-quality shower filter will boost your immune system cells. Consider that as well

Blu ionic shower filters are essential if you’re experiencing hair loss & here’s why!

If you decide to get this incredible Blu shower filter, you no longer have to be concerned about losing your hair. This unique Micro Hydration Technology-based ionic shower filter uses cutting-edge filters to effectively remove up to 99% of dangerous water contaminants, heavy metal ions, and toxins from your shower water. Additionally, this ionic shower filter produces millions of HEALTHY NEGATIVE IONS, which fortify your immune system cells and improve their capacity to eliminate infections and viruses. The highest grade stainless steel Ionic Steel Spray Plate, which prevents lime scale build-up and reduces germs in the showerhead, produces these negative ions through its 244 circular perforations.

Your skin will start to feel softer and glower as a result. It also lessens dandruff and assists you in preventing hair damage. As long as you regularly take ionic shower filter baths, this prevents hair loss and completely rejuvenates your skin and hair.

The universal ionic shower filter is simple to install and fits onto any regular shower hose. Using active micro hydration technology, it purifies water by removing chlorine, metals, and bacteria. Its removable filter cartridge lasts for six to eight months and is significantly cost expensive. Finally, it gets rid of unwanted chemicals, making showering a better and healthier experience.

By the time you’re done reading this, we’re sure you’ll know exactly which shower filter is best for your house and why Blu ionic shower filters are good for your skin and hair.